Ersteigerungsauftrag  zur Auktion 25. - 26. September 2020
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Conditions of Business for Buyers



This is a free and incomplete translation of the German Conditions of Business for Buyers, which only has legal force. By participating in the auction the conditions of sale have be accepted.


1. The auctioneer, Landshuter Rüstkammer GmbH & Co. KG, acts as commissioner of unnamed vendors. For all business basic currency is EURO. The sale is conducted in Euro.


2. Unknown bidders have to show an ID-Card on the auction-day. Otherwise the auctioneer won’t accept bids.


3. In case of successful bidding the buyer has to pay a commission charge and tax to the auction house. Buyer’s premium incl. V. A. T. (not refundable) is payable by the buyer of each lot at a rate of all 24% of the hammer price. Landshuter Rüstkammer GmbH & Co. KG does not accept credit cards. Bank assignment has to cover all bank fees.


4. Absentee bids are welcome. It is a free and confidential service. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as it consists with other bids. Use the official bidding form of this catalogue and tell us your choice of dispatch. Any bids signed ‘best’ or ‘in any case’, or below the catalogue price, are not possible and will not be accepted. Order bids can be send by fax or postal service, but not by internet email. Bidding by phone is possible too. Sign the bidding form and tell us your complete phone number. We will phone you.


5. Take care about the viewing hours. All lots can be inspected and proved before and on the day of the auction. Every lot in this auction is auctioned off as seen, with any faults, errors of description and imperfections. Catalogue descriptions shall not be considered as a promise of quality pursuant to Sect. 459 et seq. of the German Civil Code. All descriptions are made very conscientiously but without giving any warranty.


6. From the moment of knocked down the buyer has every risk of his lots. Lots will only be released after full received payment on his risk and on his behalf.


7. The auctioneer has the right to separate, rearange, leave out or withdraw any lot without any declaration and has got also the right to exclude persons from the sale when it is necessary without any statement.


8. The bidder’s risk are any misunderstandings which result from phone calls, faxes, mail bids and letters.


9. Landshuter Rüstkammer GmbH & Co. KG assumes no responsibility for any defects or attributes, hidden or patent and shall not be liable for catalogue descriptions, written explanations and any statements on phone or fax.


10. The lots in the sale are knocked down to the highest bidder. The knock down commits the bidder to take the lot and pay for it. The complete amount has to be paid immediately. Storage and handling charges plus tax will apply on uncollected lots of foreign buyers seven days after the sale.
Place of jurisdiction for all parties in Landshut/Germany.


Zustandsbewertungen - Condition
Z 1 Sehr gute bis gute Erhaltung – excellent to mint
Z 2 Gute Erhaltung mit sichtbaren Trage- und Gebrauchsspuren – good
Z 3 Deutliche Trage- und Gebrauchsspuren, beschädigt, teils unvollständig – fair to good
Z 4 Starke Mängel/Beschädigungen, unvollständig – poor to fair


Methods of Payment
Please credit our account and take care of paying all bank fees or send a check for settlement plus 15 Euro for bank fees.


Wire Transfer to our Bank                                              IBAN: DE81 7439 0000 0001 4955 50
VR-Bank Landshut                                                            BIC: GENODEFlLHl
Postfach 3135                                                                    Account No.: 000149550
84037 Landshut                                                                Account Name: Landshuter Rüstkammer GmbH & Co. KG




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